Active Play Gaelic Fundamentals Starter Kit

Active Play Gaelic Fundamentals Starter Kit

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This Gaelic start pack includes all the necessary equipment to accommodate Schools, Clubs and other organisations in the development of gaelic games for children.

The Fundamentals Pack Includes:

1 x Large Bag
2 x 4M Ladders
4 x 6" Hurdles
1 x Set of Dome Cones
1 x Set of 10, 9" Collapsible Cones
4 x 40cm Flat Hoops
6 x Coloured Tennis Balls
4 x Large Sponge Balls
(Tuff skin) 200mm
6 x Cloth Bean Bags
1 x Set of Sequencing Floor
Spots (Pack of 10)
4 x Rubber Quoits
2 x 6' & 2 x 7' Skipping Ropes
1 x Balzac Balloon
2 x Cloth Bean Bags